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9:00 pm - The Hope of Eternal Life
Allah (swt) does not grant Man a taste of something only to cut it off. Hope gives life, sorrow saddens. The prophets were sent to give hope in Eternal Life. A believer has true hope, the goal of which is Eternal Life. The one who does not believe is cheated. He places his hope on an imitated aim. The Salafi ulama must remind servants – kings, ministers, rich ones, to not hoard but give in charity. Shaytan is covering their understanding. They will be left hopeless. A believer, a tenant in this life, hopes for Allah’s (swt) endless Mercy Oceans and Eternal Life.

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Sheikh Nazım
Declare War Against Shaitan
Aug08 2010 English 39min Whoever is asking for enjoyment with material things, are ignorant, no mind creatures. Even sitting on heaps of diamonds and gold, you are feeling unhappy. Don't be cheated! Whole treasures on Earth have no value. Shaitan is teaching you to be greedy and always asking more material. Leave that and ask for heavenly aspects; they are ever-ending. Prophets, messengers, heavenly advisors and holy books have come to warn you. You must declare war against Shaitan and his agents and followers.
Sheikh Nazım
Al-Hamdu Lillahi Rabbi l-Alamin
Aug01 1980 English 42min Allah honours and praises you when you praise Him; Al-Hamid. "Alhamdulillahi Rabbi l-Alamin" opens His endless Favour Oceans, endless Mercy Oceans. Each atom appears by His order from Power Oceans. Everything manifests from our Lords Holy Name; Rabb, He is Creator. He created and conditioned you by His Name. You are not only your name but, you are a whole universe from the Light Oceans of Beloved Muhammad (sas), who was created from His Light.
Sheikh Nazım
When They Angered Us (43:55)
Aug01 1998 Turkish 21min Allah will take his revenge on those that disregard Him. He will not leave us unpunished. What has become of us? We are so proud that we cannot raise our hands to heaven and ask for Allah's mercy rain. We have been taught unbelief. For thousands of years States had holiness and were respected. As was the day of Juma. Now, there is nothing sacred in schools and in our states. You cannot say 'Allah'. Nothing is sacred in secularism. Invite those around you to respect holy things. Because our safety depends on it.
Sheikh Nazım
Fasting and the Ego
English 43min Lordship is only for the One Who creates. How can the ego claim, “I am, I do, I make?” Denying such ‘lordship’ makes your Lord happy. By His Grace are things done. Fasting is not cruelty but His order to make the ego come under control because ego fears hunger the most.
Sheikh Nazım
Nimrod and the Lame Mosquito
English 19min Allah claims a man’s soul, saying to the angel, “Bring him to Me”. When man makes claims it is foolish, moreover dangerous. Who can challenge Allah? Nimrod claimed mightiness on Earth. His punishment, an army of mosquitos. Demolishing his soldiers, one tiny mosquito entered his head to finish him off.
Sheikh Nazım
Al Mulku Lillah
Dec12 1994 Turkish 8min The special angels in the Heavens call out every day, “be born to die, build to destroy”: a sharp reminder that everything is under Allah’s sovereignty. Nothing remains; it goes from new to old and then to collapse. Everyone who is born must die and everything that is built must be destroyed.
Sheikh Nazım
Returning to Our Lord
English The recitation of Al-Fatiha by our Glorious Lord opened endless Divine Mercy Oceans. We were with our Lord at that opening. So, be patient and enjoy yourself despite all of life’s troubles. What awaits your return will delight you. A flying fish darts up momentarily, then, disappears into the vast ocean.
Sheikh Nazım
Shukr Ya Rabbi
Turkish 18min People understand favours only when they are gone. What should we do? Say the blessed words: “Shukr Ya Rabbi, Alhamdulillah”. They please Allah and are proof of man’s pleasure with his Lord. Favours and shukr are linked. Forget to give shukr and favours depart. Allah will not question those who constantly give shukr.
Sheikh Nazım
Whom Should I love?
Turkish Religion means to love for Allah and to not love for Allah. The angels accept Allah is Wise and, He teaches. The young must keep the safe way of the holy-ones and stop following idols otherwise ahead in their lives they face much danger. Why are they in trouble? Their hearts love those whom Allah doesn’t love.
Sheikh Nazım
The Value of One Sajda
Aug04 1980 English 20min The main pillar of happiness for Muslims is sajda (prostration). Servants are lazy, they complain of troubles, and if asked, “Do you pray?” They answer, “No”. How can they achieve a peaceful life? The sajda saves in times of turmoil. Muslims need it, to not lose Allah. One sajda is greater than all the world’s treasures, without it protection is impossible.
Sheikh Nazım
Questions to Mawlana
Dec14 1994 Turkish 19min In a question and answer session, Mawlana discusses: the rise of Islam in Europe; the lack of identity among Arab Muslims; the celebration of Christmas among the Turks; the legitimacy of music in Islam; the beauty of the call to prayer and the Turkish Cypriot politician Denktaş.
Sheikh Nazım
This Year
Jan01 2013 Turkish 19min After Fajr Prayer today Mawlana spoke about "This Year", the year that had just started a few hours before. In this first sohbat of the year 2013 Mawlana warns all the Muslims that the signs of the new year make it clear that it will be their last chance to correct their steps.
Sheikh Nazım
New Year
Dec31 2012 Arabic 16min After Asr prayer, Mawlana gave an important address about the new year and its celebrations. Mawlana spoke about the coming year and how we should receive it.
Sheikh Nazım
Keep Us with the Pure Ones
Jan01 1989 Turkish 41min Our purpose in this life to keep Allah’s orders and avoid His prohibitions. This is the way to stay clean and pure. Paradise is only for the pure ones. No one with a speck of anger, envy, arrogance or stubbornness can enter Paradise. If you don’t clean your self in this world you will have to be cleaned in the fire.
Sheikh Nazım
On the 1st of Rabi-ul Awwal
Jan13 2013 Turkish 29min Today is "The First of Rabi'u l-Awwal". After the Fajr prayer Mawlana congratulates us all and speaks about the value of this blessed month and about the secrets of Salawat Sharrif, the main wird of this month. Mawlana also shows us how far we have strayed from the Sunnah Saniyya of the Prophet (sAs).
Sheikh Nazım
Dua for the Last Wednesday of Safar
Jan18 2012 Turkish 3min
Sheikh Nazım
The Last Wednesday
Jan01 2014 Turkish 8min Mawlana talks about the heaviest day of the year and praises his daughter and his grandson.
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This glossary contains explanations of some Arabic/Turkish words, terms and phrases frequently recurring in Mawlana's sohbas, and is intended for the benefit of our listeners/viewers. It is being continuously edited and updated to the best of our abilities, and does not in any way claim to be comprehensive.
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These are pages of daily wisdoms. Its articles are for whoever wants to teach or learn. Its writings are important and unmistakably true. Absolute Sultanate is only for Allah. For human beings living on Earth, the loftiest rank they can reach is that of the station of Sultanate.
The Majesty and Magnificence of Islam
The Sultanate is the representative of the majesty and magnificence of Islam. It is the defender of Divine Order. As for Democracy, it was invented only to cover up the ugly face of atheism and unbelief. It is the unauthorized, meaningless rule of tyrannical regimes.
This declaration is to show all human beings the true way. The author is just an ordinary human being. In the following articles you will find indisputable truths. Their author is Sheikh Nazim, a traveler on the Naqshbandi spiritual way. May Allah protect us from falling into the wrong way. This declaration takes into consideration all subjects related to this world and to religion, it points to the infallible way. Support and success only come from Allah.
Sheikh Muhammed Nazim Lefke Cyprus
Every day has a new face and a different appearance. Oh mankind, learn that a human being is the ruling Sultan over all creation! You too are a human being, so you also must have the same capability. If so, then, Oh Man, use the capability that is in you. Use it, so that you do not come to this world as a colt and leave it as a donkey.

Know that: you come to this world from an unknown world of nothingness, and again will be travelling to another unknown territory of nothingness. If our occupation and concern is only to fill our stomachs and pursue our physical pleasures - if this is your life - then it is a life deprived of human value and honour.

With this writing we open the honourable Saltanat website. By reading it you will learn and understand many things in accordance with your interests.
Thanks and glory can only be given to the Creator of the worlds.
Sheikh Muhammed Nazim Lefke Cyprus
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