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An Interview by Al Jazeera Jun17 2013 Arabic 19min
Sheikh Nazım
Al Jazeera channel was preparing a program about "Islam in Cyprus" and asked to meet with Mawlana. Mawlana accepted. In order to avoid getting him tired, we asked them not to burden Mawlana with questions or with a long meeting, they promised and gracefully kept their promise.
The interview proceeded to flow naturally after this with Mawlana giving them a taste of the love, wisdom, and hope, which characterizes his message. The camera crew responded with love and happiness. The whole interview was short but sweet and beautiful. The TV crew left asking for permission to return and sit again another time in the presence of Mawlana.
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An Interview with KTV Channel Mar19 2013 Turkish 19min
Sheikh Nazım
Cyprus channel KTV filmed an interview with Mawlana last week. Because of the local nature of the issues discussed, this interview is being broadcast without translation.
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CNN Interview Dec21 2010 Turkish
Sheikh Nazım
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The Story of the Educated Girl Jul12 2010 Turkish 27min
Sheikh Nazım
Just as the new bride who, with a university degree, thinks she knows everything but forgets to add water to the stew, so the modern governments think they know how to rule but end up burning everything.
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