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Every Shaykh Has His Own Style Jul03 2018
Sheikh Nazım
Shaykh Bahauddin talks about an incident that occurred last week. He warns that Ṭarīqa is not a joke. Shaykh Mehmet is appointed shaykh on the highest authority. There is no more kindergarten. So be careful and know who you are.
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Do and Allāh ﷻ Will See Jul01 2018 English 19min
Sheikh Nazım
You must do your best and then accept what happens as Allāh's ﷻ will. Just as you must exercise the body for health and strength so you must do spiritual exercise. Don’t be lazy. All wisdom is in the Qur’ān. When Sayyidinā Mahdī (as) comes he will bring knowledge no one ever heard before.
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